A Creative Way Of Advertising Your Business…

There are many reasons why investing in a company video is a good idea. Not only is this film a great way to promote yourselves via your website, it’s also a great marketing tool. Many businesses overlook the potential of a great company video in favour of print advertising and periodic social media posts.

Why You Should Invest In A Company Video We Are Jooka

Print advertising, whilst beneficial in some industries is rather an outdated method of advertising. Even if lots of people see your ad, unless they contact you immediately the chance of them remembering you is a slim one.

A Company Video Is A Permanent Ad

We have produced many company videos in Bath and the surrounding areas. Once you have your film you can get on with promoting it. This is where social media comes into it’s own. With so many free media platforms available to us how can we fail? If you think you don’t have the time to spend promoting your company video then delegate!

Once embedded into your website, your video will do a little bit of self promotion even without your intervention. Videos are a Google ranking factor so if you have one, you’re one step ahead already.

Upload it to Youtube as soon as you can and take some advice on optimising it so that it climbs up the Youtube rankings. This will also help your Google ranking.

There are so many creative business in and around the City of Bath. We are lucky enough to have worked with lots of them. We like to think our creative and friendly approach offers potential clients the confidence and enthusiasm to work with us now and into the future.

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