We are a South West based video production agency, delivering innovative brand content through thoughtful production. Film is a storytelling tool – with the right approach it can drive an emotional connection between your brand and your audience.

We are bold.
We are imaginative.
We are Jooka.


When producing content for your business, it is our responsibility to treat your brand as if it is our own.  By understanding campaign objectives, demographics and the market, we position your content to ensure it will drive engagement.  Whether we’re storyboarding a promo or developing a content strategy, every production starts with a plan.


Our world is one of  key frames and frame rates, green screens and gimbals.  Whilst the digital video landscape evolves constantly, we seek innovation in every project.  Jooka’s in-house production team specialises in creating distinctive rich media on brief, from animation to aerial, spoken word to stop-motion and micro-content to motion graphics.


When it comes to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and Instagram, it may seem like your video is a drop in the ocean.  A smart strategy for the way you share your film will ensure it makes a bigger splash.  Combining this with smart analytics will place you in command of your campaign.  And we’ll be with you for every click, like and share.