So many businesses are getting savvy about how YouTube can help them advertise their products and services. Don’t miss out on this amazing free advertising platform.

Facts And Figures – Video Advertising Strategy Via YouTube

85% of individuals view online video content in general. This is absolutely huge. Does this mean that print advertising is a dead model? For sure, there is some value in it but it really does very much depend on where you are spending your hard earned cash. It’s very easy to waste money. The problem is that print advertising invariably means ‘temporary’.

Video content is there for anyone to see 24 hours a day 365 days a year. All this providing the internet doesn’t go down of course, but barring a zombie apocalypse or some similar event, we think  that’s unlikely….

According to – 61% of business said they use video marketing as a means of advertising online. These figures go to show that people are cottoning on to the fact that they can boost their sales enormously with good video content. You’ve only got to think about how you view things online. Most of us have used Youtube at least once in our lives and most of us probably use it as our goto place when we want to know how to do something.

How To Advertise Effectively On Youtube

First you need to create a channel. Your business name is a good one to use.

Once you’ve uploaded your video content you’ll want to optimise it. Optimising simply means making sure people are able to find it with common search terms. Have a think about what people might type into the search box and go from there.

Many businesses upload and then forget all about it. We’d suggest making some time each week to go back to your channel and check for comments or questions. If you take the time to converse with potential customers, they will appreciate it. if you don’t see the value in this extremely valuable practise then you really will miss out.

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