One of the greatest challenges any video production company faces is communicating complex ideas in a way that is not only engaging, but will also cater for the ever-shortening attention span that today’s digital audience has. animation

Animation is a great tool for this, but it’s not just something to consider when the going gets tough.¬† Here are 4 reasons to choose animation:

1. Animation resonates with a broad audience.
It is much easier to create an animation that doesn’t alienate one demographic, or discriminate between a particular age group or gender. Animation is often gender neutral and can be produced to appeal to a wide audience.

2. Animation isn’t confined by reality.
It may seem an obvious point, but it’s an important one to consider when deciding whether to use filmed content or animated content. The sky is the limit when it comes to storyboarding for an animation – and that sky can be whatever colour you choose; the only confines are one’s own imagination.

Put frankly, if a company’s offices aren’t particularly pretty, animation can be good option. In a similar vain, animation can be produced remotely on a computer – so no onsite recces, mileage costs, or last minute cleaning sessions!

3. Animation is easy to consume.
Some things simply aren’t meant to be read out loud by somebody stood in front of a camera. Statistics are one of them. Slickly produced motion graphics are able to deliver dry subject matters in a way that won’t cause your audience to lose the will to live. With an engaging voiceover artist to supplement on screen graphics, even the seemingly dullest of subject matters can be given a lease of life.

4. Animation can bring a brand to life.
Popular culture is awash with iconic animated brand logos,¬†emblems and characters – consider Pixar’s desk lamp, the 20th Century Fox sequence, the Uber app intro animation. The slightest touch of motion can bring a whole new dimension to the way your brand is presented.

If you are considering using animation for your marketing campaign, feel free to call the Jooka team for advice. We have undertaken numerous animation projects for businesses small and large.

Take a look at our latest animation reel: