Full screen video banners... They're pretty trendy right now We Are JookaFull screen video banners are all the rage in web development at the moment because they allow an immediate and eye-catching glimpse into a brand’s story.

Before the visitor has the (nowadays laborious) task of reading text or digesting graphics, the video banner has leapt out at them offering an engaging first impression. The website has movement – it walks, talks. The brand is alive.

Getting that first impression right is not always an easy thing to do. If a picture paints a thousand words, a video paints a lot more.. and we all know bad paintings exist.

Generally, a full screen video banner comprises a series of moving images that loop during a 8 to 10 second period. If you have a high rate of returning traffic on your website, swapping the video sequence every three or four weeks is a good idea.

A brilliant example of how effective video banners can be is the Parachute Montreal website here – what better way to get some adrenalin pumping than with some action shots of parachuting.

Manchester-based design agency Retrofuzz also put the technique to good use on their website here – the user gets a very particular and instant impression of the company’s aesthetic as soon as they land on the homepage.

We suggest having three or four looped sequences waiting in the wings for a quick banner swap once in a while.

If you would like to discuss how full screen video can work for you, call us for a chat.