The finished video that Matt and the team at Jooka came up with far exceeded our expectations. We were blown away by the level of detail, professionalism, and adaptability the team showed.

It was refreshing to work with a team from outside the rail industry as theirs was a fresh pair of eyes looking at the solution and marketplace and giving the project a whole new slant. Nothing was too much trouble, and the ideas for final tweaks to make it work were actioned with ease and enthusiasm.

– Denise Watkins, Head of Sales at Hitachi.

Helping Hitachi launch new training platform We Are Jooka
Helping Hitachi launch new training platform We Are Jooka
Helping Hitachi launch new training platform We Are Jooka

To support the business growth and the development of new solutions for Signaller Training, Hitachi Information Control Systems Europe Ltd commissioned Jooka to create informative video content.

Following on from the initial discussions, Jooka set up a workshop session with the development team at HICSE to understand the concept and how to tell the story in a way that is unique, inspiring, professional – and leaves the target audience wanting more!

The company wanted to focus more on visibility with external stakeholders, and a marketing strategy was developed to include new avenues of profiling, including the development of video content for their website and for use across the marketplace.

The video includes informal interviews with each member of the team, teasing out USPs whilst showing the staff’s clear passion and belief in the product. Including a run through demonstration of the hardware and animated sections mixed in with music, voice-overs and real people.

Converting a complex product into an engaging and understandable video is no small feat. It requires a deep understanding of the product, as well as the ability to create a compelling story that will resonate with viewers. By showcasing the product’s key features and benefits through animation, we were able to give viewers a clear sense of what makes the platform unique. In addition, by incorporating elements of live-action, we were able to keep viewers engaged from start to finish.

By cultivating creative working relationships from the outset, our team can build meaningful and impactful video campaigns that deliver. Whether the aim is brand engagement, product exposure, explaining a service, or simply a need to produce regular short for content, we can advise you on the best way forward.

Feel free to get in touch with Matt to chat all things video, on 07506 758440. Or email [email protected]