With the evolution of video marketing, small businesses have been quick to discover just how affordable and easy it is to incorporate this tool into an overall marketing strategy.

With videos serving as a channel for making personal connections, it’s important for brands to not ignore this tactic and instead recognise how versatile a sales tool it can be.

If you’ve tried video marketing in the past and have decided to take it to the next level with video live streaming, consider the following apps:

Facebook LiveStreaming. If you are active on Facebook, you’ve most likely noticed the new icon for Facebook Live that allows you to livestream videos directly onto your Facebook page. The process itself is quite easy and takes just a few minutes to complete.  This feature may become your preferred solution for delivering messages and is an excellent way to engage with your customers.

Additional tip: At the end of the broadcast you can edit the video and add additional information such as a different thumbnail image or call to action. You can even request your viewers to subscribe so that they will be notified every time you broadcast live.

Periscope. This mobile app allows you to broadcast to your followers through an active Twitter account. The video streams that are created are temporary and only exist for 24 hours. The live streaming is shared with your Twitter followers and they can watch it live or replay it up to 24 hours.

Additional tip: Viewers that watch live have the ability to comment on your live stream. Keep an eye out for these commenters as you may discover low-hanging fruit in the form of potential customers or brand enthusiasts.

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